Who We Are

We, INNTECH, are a dynamic team of Western and local Chinese IT professionals with 15+ year experience, offering IT Solutions and IT services to multi-national Companies and expats in China.

We are your one-stop-IT-source, built to provide enterprise grade IT services and IT supplies required to complete in today's China business environment.

INNTECH is a team that delivers business value,

-  your IT Team in China !


We deliver customer service excellence and quality solutions based on proven systems and industry best practices and standards.

We have IT expertise in China and are well positioned to offer competitive IT solutions and services, tailor-made for your business requirements.

Most of our projects are Technology Oriented, and we are up-to-date to latest Innovative Technologies not by reading about, but by being part of it.

Our network of accredited engineers can respond quickly, flexibly and cost effectively.

Our customers are happy and appreciate our work. See customer references, and welcome to join our portfolio.

What We Do

We help expats and multi-national Companies solve specific and unique IT issues they face while living or doing business in China.

We design and deploy the A-Z suite of required IT systems for small and medium size enterprises to conduct and prosper their business.

We provide onsite  IT maintenance support and complement it with IT consulting, IT administration planning, IT coaching, documentation and IT management services.

We give you the peace of mind to focus back on your core business, and leave the IT & C headaches to IT professionals - to INNTECH

Our Customers Feedback

A happy and loyal customer is our best reward. We value our customer relationships and believe they are built through honest communications and well-managed expectations.

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IT Solutions and Services

IT setup for new office, Shanghai


Setting up a new office in China can be a daunting task.  Finding competent suppliers and integrating IT into overall design can be extremely difficult.

INNTECH offers One-Stop-IT-Office-Setup Solutions, including consulting, design, provisioning and implementing of all IT elements required for an office, such as network cabling, WiFi, Internet and Phone lines, IT room construction, Network Equipment, Fingerprint door access control, Video Surveillance, Hardware/Software procurement, Office Phone System, etc. We can recommend to you real estate agents, and introduce to our interior design / construction partner.

When you move to your new office, all is ready at your fingertips.


solutions for slow internet in China


Would you like
to have a fast yet affordable global Internet connection for your business?

Would you like
to speed-up access to corporate resources located abroad, ex. email, SAP, ERP, file servers, Citrix?

Call us, to schedule a FREE TRIAL for the Internet Accelerator Solution, based on SDWAN technology and tailor-made to needs of small and medium size multinational Companies in China.

IT Maintenanance Support, Shanghai


Why pay for full-time IT specialist,
when you need him only few hours a week or even less?

For small and medium size businesses it is smarter and cheaper to outsource the IT responsibilities instead of hiring full-time. You get support from a professional IT team and all-round expertise, covering diverse roles starting with helpdesk to CTO strategic planning.

We offer flexible packages of managed IT maintenance services by combining scheduled onsite with non-scheduled on-demand requests and remote support. Our engineers are fluent in English, French, Russian and Chinese Languages.

INNTECH technicians have been supporting multi-national companies for over 15 years. We customized and continuously are improving the helpdesk team to service companies just like yours.

Reliable Email for Business to use in China

Email systems in China come with their own unique set of problems.

INNTECH is a Microsoft Certified Support Partner and provides subscription, training and on-going administration and maintenance for Office 365 service including of  Exchange Email service for business, and also extending the expertise to OneDrive, Sharepoint, Skype for Business, Calendar Sharing, Teams and People, OneNote, MS Apps, etc.

You will be surprised how much functionality you miss(ed) if you don't have a partner such as INNTECH to proper guide and train your team how to use the powerful features of Office365 to collaborate and be more productive and connected.

Network Cabling for Office


The quality of structured cabling systems is the foundation of the IT network performance. Careful planning of cabling systems helps to prevent congestion that can dramatically diminish your network performance and reduce the cost of network ownership.

INNTECH deploys fiber work and turnkey structured cabling solutions based on modern CAT 6 standards in any part of China. We have in-house cabling team and project managers.

What makes us different is also the guarantee of using original materials, the quality of deployment, a neat cabling management work, ports Fluke testing, clean labeling and professional documentation. We also speak your Language.

Office Telephone System

The founding partners of INNTECH worked until 2009 for Nortel Networks. Our core expertise, before doing IT, was voice and call center solutions.

We offer office IP telephone systems and simple-to-use inbound and outbound contact center solutions, scalable from 5 to 250 active agents.

INNTECH is certified by PRC bureau of IT and Telecommunications with status of High Tech Voice Software Developer.

INNTECH is the first certified Shoretel Champion Partner in China, and deployed also the still largest Shoretel project in APAC. We continue carry the Shoretel legacy with Mitel engagement.

INNTECH is a Core Partner for Avaya V2 IP Office systems.

As with all professional services firms, our people are our most valuable assets. Our consultants and IT engineers are qualified in many aspects of IT system integration, our expertise extends to various IT fields.

To learn more about INNTECH offered services and solutions, expand the MENU, or check the Desktop Version, or Call / E-mail us to engage an account manager.