New Office IT Setup

New Office Setup, Shanghai, China

Setting up a new office in China can be a daunting task.  Finding reliable and competent suppliers who understand not only the need for professional design, construction and decoration but also how to integrate IT and telecommunications into the overall design can be extremely difficult.

Recognizing these needs, INNTECH offers One-Stop-Turnkey-New-Office-IT-Setup, and also can recommend a real-estate agent and construction partner. When you move to your new office, all is ready at your fingertips.

A standard New Office IT setup includes



Today’s IT projects bring more than just functional challenges. Issues such as security, scalability, redundancy and speed are just few of the criteria that must be evaluated in the early stages of planning an information technology project.

Engaging INNTECH eliminates the need to recruit and assimilate project management specialists for unique situations.

We are always in the middle of the projects, our specialists met all kind of situations, all kind of vendors and China realities, and we learn and improved from experience, so are confident to offer you the best expertise.



The safety and reliability of IT equipment’s plays an important role in the day to day operations. This is why is important for you to centralize all the network brain devices at a special, secure and cool location, named the IT room.

The IT room becomes the nerve center of your network or maybe even the center of your business. Even the structured cabling in your office lead to it, just as all the proverbial roads lead to Rome.

No matter the the size , INNTECH can help you with your IT room planning, design, implementation and after sales maintenance services.

included expertise:
>  General Construction (for IT Room )
>  Power Distribution (for IT Room )
>  Humidity and Temperature Monitoring Systems
>  Server IT Cabinets and accessories
>  Uninterruptible Power Supply, UPS
>  Raised Static Floor and Grounding



The quality of structured cabling systems is the foundation of the IT network performance. Careful planning of cabling systems helps to prevent congestion that can dramatically diminish your network performance and reduce the cost of network ownership.

INNTECH deploys fiber work and turnkey structured cabling solutions based on modern CAT 6 standards in any part of China. We have in-house cabling team and project managers.

What makes us different is also the guarantee of using original materials, the quality of deployment, a neat cabling management work, ports Fluke testing, clean labeling and professionaly documentation. We also speak your Language.



We have partnership agreements with the main ISP providers in China (China telecom, China Unicom), and can assist customers to apply and guarantee on-time delivery of local and global internet lines, special phone numbers, 400 Toll Free, SIP Trunks, DDD and IDD for low rates.

Would you also like to have a fast yet affordable global Internet connection for your business?

Would you like to speed-up access to corporate resources located abroad, ex. email, SAP, ERP, file servers, Citrix?

Call us, to schedule a FREE TRIAL for the Internet Accelerator Solution, a tailor-made solution catering the needs of small and medium size multinational Companies in China.



To meet the ultimate goal of achieving the optimal productivity in a workplace, the capabilities and limitations of hardware and software are considerably important.

Sourcing new equipment can be a daunting task, selecting manufacturers, models, specifications and vendors can be baffling, especially in China. Technology and functionality is constantly changing and finding unbiased advice and reliable suppliers is crucial.

INNTECH understands is time consuming, and commits to procurement and fulfillment of IT hardware, software, peripherals and consumables and responded to the ever changing needs of business with genuine products, at the right price.

Our aim is to build long term relationships with our clients, and purchasing the right equipment is a key part of the process. Once the equipment and software is installed and operating we also offer long term maintenance programs to ensure the equipment remains at peak performance.



INNTECH secures the access to your office with centralized TCP/IP type door access control systems (ACS) that support Fingerprint, Card or Face-recognition readers.

Centralized ACS allows Companies the ability to create time-based and zone areas access privileges, and also track employees work attendance.

ACS eliminates the inconveniences associated with traditional lock & key systems so the long-term benefits are substantial.

The ACS systems management software is user friendly and easy for your admin to learn and operate, in Chinese or English Language.



INNTECH offer simple-to-use, scalable and affordable office telephone systems and inbound call center solutions built upon Avaya, Shoretel or Asterisk open platforms.

Out integrated solutions allow your sales agents and customer support team to engage clients by phone, web, email, instant message (IM) and other methods, while ensuring they have at their fingertips the information they need to answer questions and take advantage of upsell opportunities.

INNTECH is certified by PRC bureau of IT and Telecommunications with status of High Tech Voice Software Developer.

INNTECH is a core partner of Avaya for V2 Office phone systems, and is the first certified Shoretel partner in China.

INNTECH has strategic partnership with China Telecom and China Unicom, and can assist you to apply special numbers, hunt groups, SIP trunks, digital E1, IDD services and other voice related resources.