Managed IT Maintenance

IT Maintenanance Support, Shanghai


Why pay for full-time IT specialist, when you need him only few hours a week or even less?

For small and medium size businesses is smarter and cheaper to outsource the IT responsibilities instead of hiring full-time. You get support from a professional IT team and all-round expertise covering diverse roles starting with helpdesk to CTO strategic planning.

INNTECH becomes not only your IT helpdesk team but also your strategic  IT Partner and your IT Team in China. We provide you with onsite and remote IT maintenance support but also complement it with IT consulting, IT administration planning, IT coaching, documentation and IT management services.

We start with auditing your  IT infrastructure components and we advise integration and consolidation, IT to business alignment, we setup the IT systems to work for you, not vice-versa.

For onsite IT maintenance, we are not just sending IT engineers to your office, but we manage and monitor their work, evaluate performance and results, provide directions, coaching and escalation until the objectives are achieved.




INNTECH technicians have been supporting multi-national companies for over 15 years. We customized and continuously are improving the helpdesk team to service companies just like yours.

We offer flexible packages of managed IT maintenance services by combining scheduled onsite with non-scheduled on-demand requests and remote support.

Our network of accredited engineers can respond quickly, flexibly and cost effectively for virtually all types of computers and peripherals.

All our core engineers had received exceptional training, and boast of professional standards and expertise. Beyond that, our engineers receive continuous and specialized training that ensure constant upgrading of technical expertise. Our engineers are fluent in English, French, Russian and Chinese Languages.




  • Lower Cost. Savings

Bringing INNTECH as your IT services outsourcing partner eliminates the need to recruit specialists for unique situations. You don’t have to pay HR expenses, salary, accommodations, travel, social taxes and insurance, sick leave & involved time lost for replacement, work tools expenses.

The cost of outsourced IT managed services is much lower than hiring. If you do not require the IT person to work full time at your office, you just pay only for the time you use. Buy a block of hours. Simple and efficient.

  • Multinational support

We are a team of multinational and local professionals. Our technicians speak fluent English / Chinese/ French languages, we can understand your requirements correctly and provide you the right service and troubleshooting.

We can well handle the communications and liaison with your Global IT Team, and offer International standards of quality of services, planning, coordination and support.

  • Team of IT Experts - EXPERTISE

You get support from a team of experts, not only from one person. Having a team of established experts in place give you the peace of mind and all-round expertise.  A single person has limited skills and knowledge, no matter how good he is. We provide you not only with IT maintenance but as well with strategic consulting to benefit of IT tools and have your business save money and improve efficiency.

  • Reduce burdens of management

By reducing the burdens of managing engineers in house, Your Company can focus on improving in other operational areas.

  • The Right Engineer

You may not have the IT knowledge and required time to evaluate an IT engineer when direct hiring.  Finding an IT person through and HR Company does not solve that either. We are experts in IT field and we know how to evaluate each engineer skills and assign the right technician to perform service to you, within your budget and business requirements.

  • No hiring or lay-off expenses

No need to worry about hiring and firing expenses and head-aches; With us, you can ask for change of engineer without giving any reason, or easy terminate the agreement without any penalties.

  • Redundancy Support

If the appointed engineer can’t perform service, no matter reason, another technician approved by You will be on-site immediately. No need to worry anymore about sick leave, yearly leave, etc. absence reasons. No need to pay for those reasons as well.

  • VAT Invoice to deduct tax

We provide you with VAT Service Invoice. You can use it directly into your P&L as operational costs.