IT Assets Auditing

Do you really know exactly what's going on in your China office or plant?
How many computers? Which equipment is due to be replaced soon? Which are under warranty or not? Which one use genuine software or not? Is there a standard?

How about network security? Who can access your Wi-Fi? Is the password written everywhere? Do you separate guests and staff access? Are you sure who can access what folder on your server? Are there a lot of non-professional downloading? Are people installing software right and left without oversight?

How about IT room? Cables everywhere, no labels, no certification of the cabling... You try to change something, and disconnects half the network by pulling the wrong cable... Sounds familiar?

Everything is perfect? Perhaps there are things that could be improved, customized better to China realities? Knowing that it's confirmed by a second team is quite reassuring. We offer valuable insights into China IT realities.

There are many reasons to get another professional opinion on your IT setup. Performance, productivity, for sure, but also security and confidentiality of your data, liability regarding software licenses or illicit network usage, etc.

We can help by thoroughly checking your IT systems, computers, servers, network equipment but also usage policies and feedback from users. We have specialized software and tools to run a thorough inventory of all IT setup, and we then give you a detailed report as well a list of suggestions, ordered by priority, and discuss with you how to implement them most efficiently.